Due to software updates of the HIS procedures and the databases at the University Service Center (HSZ), many important administrative procedures will unfortunately not be available from Wednesday 19.10. until Friday 21.10.2022.
Also affected are some self-service services.

The following services are affected:

  • the IReMo environment (factual applications)
  • HISISY (factual area)
  • the self-service functions for employees (among other things the electronic
    leave card, the online time recording terminal and the time recording
    time recording web frontend):

For time recording during these days, this means that.
a) the balances at the terminals are not updated
b) the booking should always be done at the same terminal to avoid "come-go" errors.
c) the result of the respective days will not be determined and displayed
d) the web frontend cannot be used
e) "coming"/"going" bookings via the online time recording terminal
are not possible

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